YELLOW BUSES: Custodians of Customer Care in Bournemouth

Seven members of staff from Yellow Buses have been named Customer Care Champions – and are gearing up to reward those who go that little bit further.

The Bourne to Smile Excellence Awards are part of Europe’s first National Coastal Tourism Academy that has been launched in Bournemouth.

It has appointed the Customer Care Champions who are empowered to give out Confetti ‘cheques’ or £10 vouchers to those in Bournemouth who show great service.

The awards scheme is designed to help raise levels of customer service across the town in a bid to boost the economy and create jobs.

Yellow Buses understands all about customer care and the company trains all staff about its importance.

Often bus drivers are the first point of contact for visitors arriving in Bournemouth and they want to leave a positive impression on all passengers.

So it was not surprising that a number of Yellow Buses staff were nominated and accepted as Customer Care Champions.

There are two levels of recognition for good service; the Voucher award which recognises actions that go above and beyond what is expected, and the Confetti nominations which are for a high level of service.

The voucher is worth ten pounds to the recipient, and those given Confetti ‘cheques’ will be put forward for recognition at an awards ceremony.

The business and individual with the highest number of ‘cheques’ will be honoured.

Customer Care Champions will be on the look-out for great service across Bournemouth as they go about their daily lives.

Jenni Wilkinson, Head of Marketing at Yellow Buses, said: “It is a great idea to reward good service.

“We want to help make Bournemouth a friendly place to visit and incentivising those in the town to do that bit extra will make a difference.

“We are very honoured that seven Yellow Buses staff have been nominated and selected for the positions of Customer Care Champions.

“We understand all about good customer care and want to help recognise and acknowledge excellent service when we see it.”

Stephen Godsall, Acting Director of National Coastal Tourism Academy, said: “First-class customer care is rewarded by healthy repeat business, so by raising the bench-mark, Bournemouth will be in a far stronger position to compete nationally for coastal tourism business.

“We’ve already heard some amazing stories of individuals going way beyond normal service.

“These awards give an opportunity to sing their praises and we hope it will inspire others to follow in their path.”

So far there are 50 Customer Care Champions and others are set to be appointed – so if you’d like to recommend anyone contact Natalie Tye at the National Coastal Tourism Academy on 01202 451158.