London United


As one of the main London operators, we want to deliver a consistently high quality service.

A socially responsible company, with an absolute commitment to quality in everything we do; our network of routes operates across central, west and south west London. It is our aim to deliver what we say we will and on time.

London United enables local managers and their teams to work independently and promotes teamwork across the business by sharing best practice and good ideas. We believe that by actively learning from each other we can create an environment where we can make the most of our collective knowledge.

We approach our work with enthusiasm and a can do attitude and know that our people are our strongest asset.

Private Hire

Whether it’s a company event, wedding, birthday or sporting experience, we have a bus for every occasion. Our private hire division has coaches, single and double deck buses to transport your guests. All of our buses come with a fully trained driver.

For a customised quotation, visit our website to complete a quotation form or call 020 8400 5502.

No. of routes: 58 No. of drivers: 2000
Passengers per year: 155m Miles per year: 23m
Buses: 885